We just released the first responsive version of the Soundstage Theme. The version number is and will change it’s shape (responsively) for mobile devices. This will help to keep your rankings on Google as Google is now giving extra “rank” points to sites that are responsive.

This release is only the first of a few where we will be tightening up the look and feel on mobile devices. There might be a few design elements out of place here or there – but it will help you to keep your rank on Google so feel free to do the upgrades as we release them – or get the latest version now by logging into your account here at http://mintthemes.com

If you need other responsive options, we have released a totally free WordPress theme called “Knapstack” – which we are actually really proud of (and should probably charge for it). The reason we aren’t charging for the Knapstack theme is because it is a great companion to “MP Stacks” – our free Page Builder Plugin for WordPress – which we are really excited for you to try.

The way we plan to make money from Knapstack and MP Stacks is by selling Add-On plugins – so that you only need to pay if you love the plugin already and want to add some extra features. However, to help with growing the plugin and to get people using it, many of the add-ons are free as well! We’d love to hear what you have to say about it – and if you need a responsive website fast, MP Stacks and the Knapstack Theme are a great (and totally free) way to do that!

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