Our first eCommerce theme released!

The Mint Themes eCommerce adventure has just been kick started and it’s about to jump into hyperdrive! We’ve completed our first eCommerce theme and it is ready to start making online stores everywhere look great. We hmm’ed and haw’d for a long time because we wanted to make this the best eCommerce theme for WordPress that anyone has ever used. We wanted it to be the easiest to use and also have beautiful, custom styling.

We decided to build it on the Cart66 eCommerce plugin for WordPress because of it’s power and simplicity. It also allowed us to design our theme exactly the way we wanted. Check out the design of the product page for yourself here. We wanted it to have a mini-gallery and have the product options at the side.

There was some talk about incorporating some other plugins like Shopp, JigoShop, WooCommerce, and WP-Ecommerce. We may still do that but, at this point, Cart66 was the one that allowed us the most flexibility in design and simplicity for the user.

We think that you’ll find the Compra theme is one of the easiest eCommerce themes to use on the market – and that it’s among our best designs so far.

Malachi Theme Launch

We’ve got a lot of themes in the works at Mint Themes HQ and the Malachi theme is our newest WordPress theme released for churches. With this theme we really wanted to get inside the heads of a person running a church media website and give it everything we could think it would need to help give a church the ability to do media on their website.

Malachi Features

Sometimes posting videos, sermons, or photos can be a huge chore for website owners so we wanted to try and take most of the pain out of the process. We added a slick video slider to the home page which can feature any frame-based embed codes (Vimeo recommended but Youtube will also work). And for videos there is also a custom post type with custom page templates built for displaying videos in an organized and attractive way. Once you learn the custom post type system (if you don’t already), this will make posting videos an absolute breeze. The same goes for photos, sermons, and news.

As always, we have included Podcasting as a built-in option for sermons so people can easily keep up with your messages. Online streaming is also included along side 1 click sermon downloads – which make it simple for your users to download audio files.

The Malachi theme is everything a church website needs to be media-friendly in a snap.

Ezekiel Theme Launch

We’ve just launched a brand new theme geared for churches called “Ezekiel“. We’ve designed and coded it with very specific features for churches.

Home-page Elegance:

The Ezekiel theme comes with a great looking home page. We have designed it with the idea of it being a full featured website rather than a WordPress blog. The home page features an image slider powered by javascript and customizable images for custom links. There is also an “I’m new here” button for first time visitors so you can connect specially with them.

Sermons and Multimedia:

Ezekiel marks the first time we have included streaming sermons as well as a built in podcasting system that is easy as pie to set up. You just need to add new sermons and the podcast is auto-generated. Your users can also stream them right on the site in a convenient pop-up window so they can continue browsing without the stream stopping. This is functionality we plan to add to all of our themes from now on – and will also be updating the Moses theme to include podcasting as well. So if you have the Moses theme don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about adding these cool new features! Stay tuned to the blog here for updates.

The idea with the Ezekiel theme (as with all of our themes) is to have as little setup as possible and be up and running quickly. We also have harnessed the power of WordPress in some new and creative ways to make your life easier and your website more effective. We can’t wait to see what you will do with it! Check it out here.

Mint Themes Launch!

We are excited to announce that we are launching a new, high quality collection of WordPress themes called “Mint Themes”. We have been working hard in the lab putting together themes built for specific purposes like Churches, Bands, and Businesses. They are built to give you a head start on building your next project.

The Themes.

The designs are professional and pixel-perfect and the functionality is powerful but also easy to use. We are also here to offer support for getting the theme set up the way it’s supposed to be so if you run into trouble you can always give us a shout. We are always building and upgrading these themes and all updates come free forever with each theme.

The Cost.

Each theme costs $79 and you get the full PSD (PhotoShop File) with it. This way you can customize the theme quickly and easily. You also get full support with getting the theme set up the way it was meant to be.

Who We Are.

We are professional designers and coders with tons of web-creation and WordPress experience. After years of client and freelance web work, we (Adam and Phil) have combined forces to start creating the next generation of themes for WordPress and plan on offering the absolute best, most useful, and great looking themes on the market for a long time to come.