As less and less people carry cash, accepting donations and tithes through your church website is becoming extremely important in the 21st century.

That is why we are delighted that we can now offer a church-focused recurring donation system as part of our Theme Bundles. This is done through a plugin called “Church Tithe WP”, which solves all of the difficulties you typically run into.

Normally, setting up a system like this is often either complex and/or expensive to get started. It’s also difficult to find a system that doesn’t require your website’s users to leave your website in order to complete their transaction.

But with Church Tithe WP, not only can you get started for free, but their 1% transaction fee is removed after you’ve earned $20,000 through the plugin per year.

All of our Church Theme Bundles now include the Church Tithe WP plugin, and a dedicated “Online Giving” page with the donation form beautifully placed.

Church Tithe WP uses to process credit card transactions, which is the definitive leader in safe and secure online transactions. Your users will simply use the donation form right on your website, and never have to leave. They can also log in at any time to cancel a recurring plan, or update their credit card details. You are protected because their information is actually never saved to your server. It all goes directly to-and-through’s extremely secure system.

And because it is part of our Theme Bundles, you get full support from us to ensure any difficulties you have get resolved. We stand behind everything in our theme bundles 100%.