For our theme bundles, it was very important to get event management right. Making sure that your users see the right events at the right time, and in a beautiful way, is both a science and an art.

Creating recurring events is one of the biggest needs for churches, who often run events on weekly or monthly basis. That’s why we made sure our event management system included the ability to post recurring events, which is a huge time saver!

When an event has passed, it is automatically hidden from your website. This removes a whole pile of work for you, and also ensures your users only see event information that is valuable to them today.

We developed our own Event management plugin, and a separate display layer plugin to go with it. These plugins, like all of our plugins, can be used with any theme, and are part of how we prevent theme lock.

Creating Events

Event creation is done through our Event Management plugin called “MP Events”. This allows you to post new events right from your WordPress dashboard. Simply go to “Dashboard” > “MP Events” > “Add New”.