We know how frustrating it is to buy a theme, get it installed, and have it look nothing like the demo you saw before purchasing. You’re left with a “now what?” feeling as you scramble to read documentation to find out how to even get started.

How Mint Themes is different:

The Mint Themes approach to WordPress themes is a bit different than your normal run-of-the-mill WordPress Theme. It not only includes a theme with a beautiful design, it also includes a lot plugins we’ve created, to power the functionality of your website, and all of the demo content found in our theme demos.

Taking this approach is how we prevent “Theme Lock”, which is a big problem with any theme that builds its functionality directly into the theme itself (more on that here).

But while that solves the Theme Lock problem, it didn’t solve the “now what?” problem. That’s when we decided to build our “1 click” installation system.

Setting up tons of plugins and content takes hours seconds.

What would normally take you hours and hours of work to set up, now is done in 1 single click. This is something we decided was a requirement early on with our product development, and it’s one of the major things that makes us different.

When you click the “Activate” button, our installation system gets to work, installing all of the required plugins we’ve built (like our Sermon Management system and Event Management system), and even creates the pages for you, completely with each beautifully designed template, and all of the demo content you saw.

No more “now what?” feelings.

Once the installation is complete, boom, it’s all there. Your home page, your events page, all of it. And it’s all ready for you to customize as well!

We never want you to have that “now what” feeling. Instead, we want you to get excited about the possibilities of your new website.

We hear from our customers all the time, where they let us know just how much they appreciate our 1 Click installation system, and how easy it was for them to customize their website.