Many WordPress themes will show great images and content in their theme demos, but after you install the theme, it looks nothing like the demo. This can be very frustrating.

We wanted to be different. That’s why all of the content you see in our Theme Demos is included with the Theme Bundle. That means you don’t have to go on a hunt for good photography. We only use images we have a license to distribute to you.

Sometimes that means we’ve taken our own photos in-house, and sometimes we use photos from photographers who have the proper licensing for WordPress Themes (A GPL friendly license).

Not just included, but placed as well!

We didn’t want to just give you the images though. We also wanted to make sure that the theme you install looks EXACTLY like the demo on our website. That means the images aren’t just buried in a folder somewhere, but they are automagically placed right onto the pages, and those pages are automatically created for you.

This literally cuts hours off of your set-up time, and gets you right into building your website, right away.

This is all part of the ethos we use when building and designing our themes bundles.