It’s simple: Be legitimate.

Our terms for our affiliate program are pretty simple: your references to our website must be designed and intended to promote the products on Mint Themes and push new sales that would not likely have otherwise happened otherwise.

No Coupon Websites:

If your website is primary coupon or deal focused, your affiliate account will not be accepted and may be terminated if it starts promoting products in a deal/coupon focused manner. For example, if you write a blog post and have the words “coupon” and “mint” in the URL slug or page title, any sales generated from that page will not be accepted.

No Scams:

The language used to promote Mint Themes must be accurate to the product and not promise or make claims about anything that isn’t true. You can not be misleading in your promotion of Mint Themes products or company.

The terms in this agreement may be modified at any time. Please review them from time to time to make sure they are accurate.