The age old saga of MP3 vs. Ogg has been battling in our themes for generations! Or, well, at least since we released them. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Oggs are audio files very similar to MP3s. The difference is that Ogg is a free and open audio encoding format and MP3 is a proprietary media encoding format. The MP3 designers claim they could charge royalties for anyone who uses MP3s or any software. Their patent expires in 2017.

The chances of that happening are pretty low, but I personally believe in the open source movement (yay WordPress!) – and for that reason I prefer Ogg files. But the fact that you probably go “huh?” when I say “Ogg” just goes to show that most people use MP3s.

The browsers have been battling over this issue as well, with Safari and Chrome preferring MP3s, and Firefox being the lone gun demanding the use of Ogg files only.

Because of that, we have required all of our theme users to upload both Ogg files as well as MP3s whenever audio files are used (Music Players, Sermons, etc.).

We got a lot of complaints from our users letting us know that this was annoying. And fair enough. Needless to say, it’s annoying to have to create 2 versions of each audio file and store them both on your web hosting space.

So, because we want to do our absolute best to serve you and make your life the easiest it can be, we have removed Oggs from our themes and now you only need to upload MP3 files. We use the Flash fallback for Firefox and your music will happily play in any browser without needing to encode a second Ogg version.

I can already hear the crowds cheering and chanting my name…ahhh. Your welcome.

P.S. To get the new version of the theme just re-download it from your original point of purchase. Remember to always backup your themes before you replace them with a new version as well. Backing up is smart!

5 thoughts on “You talked – we listened.

  1. Thanks for your message Aly. To upgrade a theme just use the link in the sign-up receipt you were sent and re-download the zip file, make sure to backup any changes you may have made.

    To do this:

    – Download the theme from your website to your desktop using FTP or File Manager
    – Make notes of which files you have modified for example the images folder in the theme folder
    – If you have made changes to the code we recommend making note of what files you have edited

    To upgrade the theme:

    – Upload the new version of the theme to your WordPress via FTP or WordPress backend
    – Upload the changes you have made to the upgraded version of the theme for example the images folder

    If you have any other questions please let us know.

  2. Is there any chance that you guys could offer a detailed changelog with theme updates? I have customized our theme pretty heavily, so I’m hesitant to do an update unless I know exactly which files have changed. Thanks in advance for taking the time to listen to my suggestion!

  3. I bought the Moses theme last year and would like to update it. However all I can find is my Paypal receipt. I lost my sign-up receipt. Is there still a chance of getting the newest update for the Moses theme?

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