Quick update from Mint Themes HQ. We are hard at work getting the code completed for the much anticipated DJ theme. Lets just say there has been many a Monster Energy drink consumed in the late night code sessions from Mint Themes’ co-founder and lead coder, Phil. It should be headed to beta testing very shortly.

Co-founder and lead designer, Adam, has been hard at work on the next Mint Theme. It’s going to be the first of our e-commerce themes. It’s starring characteristic is how clean and fresh the design is. It could fit any store or niche out of the box but is also highly customizable. Look for this theme at towards the end of October.

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We want to hear from you! What theme styles or designs are you looking for from Mint Themes?

3 thoughts on “What’s Cooking at Mint Themes HQ?

  1. I’m looking forward to the results. It seems like the highest demand is always for portfolio themes but since your customers came for niche themes maybe this poll will turn out different.

    The time seems ripe for political campaign themes – public figure.

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