Alright, so there weren’t any bears hiding in our themes. But we were having some issues with podcasting. The issues being that it wasn’t working for a lot of you. Well, we’ve managed to completely fix that issue in the newest releases of our themes and you shouldn’t have any more problems with getting podcasting set up.

For the techies, we changed the way the Podcast Feed is generated. We were using the add_feed() function built in to WordPress. However, for some reason it was throwing 404 errors in iTunes and Feed validators, even though the actual content was still loading. We decided to change the way we generate the feed entirely so that now it is loaded from a page and page template (which is auto-created by the theme) instead. This has fixed the problem with the 404 error.

Also, we have updated the thumb.php script to the latest version of TimThumb – which was released on December 9th, 2011.

Happy Christmas everybody!

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