The Mint Themes eCommerce adventure has just been kick started and it’s about to jump into hyperdrive! We’ve completed our first eCommerce theme and it is ready to start making online stores everywhere look great. We hmm’ed and haw’d for a long time because we wanted to make this the best eCommerce theme for WordPress that anyone has ever used. We wanted it to be the easiest to use and also have beautiful, custom styling.

We decided to build it on the Cart66 eCommerce plugin for WordPress because of it’s power and simplicity. It also allowed us to design our theme exactly the way we wanted. Check out the design of the product page for yourself here. We wanted it to have a mini-gallery and have the product options at the side.

There was some talk about incorporating some other plugins like Shopp, JigoShop, WooCommerce, and WP-Ecommerce. We may still do that but, at this point, Cart66 was the one that allowed us the most flexibility in design and simplicity for the user.

We think that you’ll find the Compra theme is one of the easiest eCommerce themes to use on the market – and that it’s among our best designs so far.

6 thoughts on “Our first eCommerce theme released!

  1. Love this theme. Is there a way to batch upload product via a csv file. We have a lot of product and doing them one by one will be too time consuming.

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