New Framework Backend

We have been very busy the last couple of weeks re-coding all of our themes with the new backend framework. We were using a backend calledĀ Cheezcap but there was a few limitations with it and we felt like it was time to upgrade all of our themes.

We are now using a backend framework called “Options Framework“. The project is run by a great guy called DevinĀ Price. We have contributed to the project and are excited for all of the great features it currently has and ones that are planned.

On some of our themes we have added an HTML5 audio player which is compatible with all iOS devices as it does not rely on Flash to render and play the audio tracks. This is a feature we have added to the Options Framework.

Here’s a preview of the backend.

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  1. Thats correct only our latest themes have the new backend framework, So the Stripes theme is not included but, Faded, Moses, Rugged do have the new framework.

    Hope that helps.

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