We’ve just launched a brand new theme geared for churches called “Ezekiel“. We’ve designed and coded it with very specific features for churches.

Home-page Elegance:

The Ezekiel theme comes with a great looking home page. We have designed it with the idea of it being a full featured website rather than a WordPress blog. The home page features an image slider powered by javascript and customizable images for custom links. There is also an “I’m new here” button for first time visitors so you can connect specially with them.

Sermons and Multimedia:

Ezekiel marks the first time we have included streaming sermons as well as a built in podcasting system that is easy as pie to set up. You just need to add new sermons and the podcast is auto-generated. Your users can also stream them right on the site in a convenient pop-up window so they can continue browsing without the stream stopping. This is functionality we plan to add to all of our themes from now on – and will also be updating the Moses theme to include podcasting as well. So if you have the Moses theme don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about adding these cool new features! Stay tuned to the blog here for updates.

The idea with the Ezekiel theme (as with all of our themes) is to have as little setup as possible and be up and running quickly. We also have harnessed the power of WordPress in some new and creative ways to make your life easier and your website more effective. We can’t wait to see what you will do with it! Check it out here.

3 thoughts on “Ezekiel Theme Launch

  1. Hi, I am curious if you plan on releasing some updates to the theme? Such as allowing users to change the colors of the site, being able to change out Titles such as Church Information, Sermon Pod Casts, etc. I have someone who likes the template design, though wants to use it for their music band (scenicroots.com).

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