Our next major project is to release several beautifully designed e-commerce themes. Some will be responsive (meaning compatible with mobile devices) and work with many of the leading WordPress e-commerce plugins so that you have a choice of which plugin you wish to use.

We don’t want to limit you in what e-commerce plugins you can use with our themes so we will make sure that they are as compatible as possible. Some of the plugins we plan to integrate into our themes are Cart66, Shopp, JigoShop, Quixly, and PulleyApp. We are interested in seeing what plugins you think we should integrate and also what styles of themes we should be designing.

We currently have a trendy girly theme, a tee-shirt shop theme, and a minimal shop design that could be used for just about any e-commerce store.

Here’s a teaser of a couple of themes in the works.

9 thoughts on “E-commerce Themes Beautifully Designed

  1. Very interested to hear if the exclusion of WordPress E-Commerce (WPEC) was intentional or not. Compared to Shopp and Cart66, it’s relatively easy to create themes for.

  2. Damn straight eh Justin… and don’t forget WP e-Commerce Plugin has the biggest dev community + Market Share.

    But don’t worry. I’ve been chatting to Adam about adding the WP e-Commerce Plugin to the list of supported Plugins and he made positive noises. Fingers crossed they do it for launch!

    If not I suppose its just a matter of time before somebody else does a WP e-Commerce Plugin port – that seems to be what usually happens 😛

  3. I have never once heard a person (and mostly it’s been developers that I’ve talked to about it) claim to even like (even a little bit) WP e-commerce. I’ve always heard that it’s awful to work with and the one brief experience I had with it was also not positive. Just sayin’.

  4. @Jarrod – I used to be in that camp, too 🙂 Before 3.8, I had a hard time working with WordPress E-Commerce, too. But in the last year or two, much of it has been completely rebuilt and having used everything else for commercial projects, I wouldn’t choose to use anything else.

    For some perspective, look at the three big ones – Shopp, Cart66 and WPEC. Look at the lead developer, or heck, all of the committers. See whose team contributes the most to WordPress core. However you slice it, WordPress E-Commerce is going to win every time. It’s the only team that is actually actively committed to making WordPress itself a better platform. I’d encourage you to give it another try.

  5. I’ve built a few shops using WP e-Commerce v3.7x. It was a bit of a nightmare, though the end result was good.

    v3.8 is much improved, and the whole ecosystem around it is maturing too. I’m currently translating a v3.7 shop (http://evokenz.com) into a v3.8 template for sale. The major issue for me as a theme developer is the lack of documentation, and I hope the team gets on that soon.

  6. Docs are being overhauled now. End of the month the new doc site is going to be launched by one of our new business partners in SA who are tackling that job 🙂

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