Updates for Compra and Armonico

We just released new versions for Compra and Armonico – which are our eCommerce themes. In these version we added the ability for you to number items using letters and special characters as well as numbers. This is something that was requested by people who are trying to build up their online stores and organize their products using letters as well as numbers.

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Podcasting, Timthumb, and Bears – Oh My!

Alright, so there weren’t any bears hiding in our themes. But we were having some issues with podcasting. The issues being that it wasn’t working for a lot of you. Well, we’ve managed to completely fix that issue in the newest releases of our themes and you shouldn’t have any more problems with getting podcasting set up.

For the techies, we changed the way the Podcast Feed is generated. We were using the add_feed() function built in to WordPress. However, for some reason it was throwing 404 errors in iTunes and Feed validators, even though the actual content was still loading. We decided to change the way we generate the feed entirely so that now it is loaded from a page and page template (which is auto-created by the theme) instead. This has fixed the problem with the 404 error.

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Our first eCommerce theme released!

The Mint Themes eCommerce adventure has just been kick started and it’s about to jump into hyperdrive! We’ve completed our first eCommerce theme and it is ready to start making online stores everywhere look great. We hmm’ed and haw’d for a long time because we wanted to make this the best eCommerce theme for Wordpress that anyone has ever used. We wanted it to be the easiest to use and also have beautiful, custom styling.

We decided to build it on the Cart66 eCommerce plugin for Wordpress because of it’s power and simplicity. It also allowed us to design our theme exactly the way we wanted. Check out the design of the product page for yourself here. We wanted it to have a mini-gallery and have the product options at the side.

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You talked – we listened.

The age old saga of MP3 vs. Ogg has been battling in our themes for generations! Or, well, at least since we released them. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Oggs are audio files very similar to MP3s. The difference is that Ogg is a free and open audio encoding format and MP3 is a proprietary media encoding format. The MP3 designers claim they could charge royalties for anyone who uses MP3s or any software. Their patent expires in 2017.

The chances of that happening are pretty low, but I personally believe in the open source movement (yay Wordpress!) – and for that reason I prefer Ogg files. But the fact that you probably go “huh?” when I say “Ogg” just goes to show that most people use MP3s.

The browsers have been battling over this issue as well, with Safari and Chrome preferring MP3s, and Firefox being the lone gun demanding the use of Ogg files only.

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