Armonico Set Up Instructions

To set up the Armonico Theme, log into your WordPress dashboard. You will also need to have a copy of the ZIP file.

Step 1. Install the theme.

Install the theme by going to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes

  • Click on “Upload”
  • Click on “Choose File” and browse to your ZIP file
  • Click “Install Now”Uploading the theme to your wp-content/themes directory

Step 2. Install “WooCommerce”.
If you don’t see the notice in your dashboard to install WooCommerce, go to “Plugins” > “Add New” and search for WooCommerce and install it.

Step 3. Set Permalinks

Go to Settings > Permalinks in your WordPress dashboard and save your permalinks. “Postname” is recommended.

Step 4. Create Home Page

  • Go to Pages > Add new page
  • Call the page “Home”
  • Under “Page Attributes”, select the “Home” page template

Step 5. Set Home Page

  • Go to Settings > Reading
  • Select that the front page will display “A static page”
  • Choose your Home page which was created in Step 4.

Step 6. Create Menu

  • Go to Appearance > Menus
  • Give the new menu a name (IE: “My Main Navigation”)
  • Click “Create Menu”
  • Under “Theme Locations”, Select the menu you created from the “Primary Navigation” drop-down and save
  • Add your Home page to the menu by selecting it and clicking “Add To Menu”
  • We will add more menu items later

Step 7. Create The Homepage Slider

  • If you want the slide to scroll through WordPress posts, under “Posts” > “Categories”, create a category which will be used for the slider. If you want it to scroll through “Products”, under “Products” > “Categories” create a category which will be used for the slider.
  • Each post placed in this category will be a “Silde” in the slider
  • Make sure to add a featured image to each post – the slider uses that image. Do so on the right hand side of each post’s edit screen under “Featured Image”.
  • Now on the “Appearance” > “Theme Options” page, set the category you’d like to use as the slider on the Homepage.

Step 8. Set the rest of the Custom Theme options.

  • Since you’re already on the “Appearance” > “Theme Options” page, fill out the rest of the options there. Most of the options correspond to visible things on the homepage as seen in the demo. If you have any specific questions about any of these options, send us an email to and we’ll be glad to help clarify those options.

Step 9. Set up Widgets

  • Go to “Appearance” > “Widgets” in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Drag the “Action Boxes” widget under “Homepage Action Box Area” and fill out its options.
  • Drag the “Speech Bubble Area” widget under the “Homepage Speech Bubble” area and fill out its options.

Step 10. Customize

  • Go to “Appearance” > “Customize”. Here, you can set a lot of the custom design options.
  • Under the “Header Image”, upload the logo you’d like to use.
  • You can easily customize the colors, background , and more.

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